About Life, Goals And Security Guy

Usually, before I start my dance classes, i like to read some inspiration stuff just to get in the mood.

I’m a girl from a small country in the big city of Los Angeles, where everyone (ok, maybe not everyone) started dancing at the age of 3. Me? I started dancing at the age of 15. Way toooooo late, if you ask me!

And every day, I just try to fit in and try to look casual in here.

Here, in LA, I feel really small. I don’t mean short kinda small..I’m actually a tall girl. I mean small when it comes to my skills and abilities. That’s what I have always thought and it is the WRONG way of thinking.

Here’s the thing – the biggest obstacle is my mind and my low self-esteem. It was just the way I was raised. Always thinking I wasn’t good enough.

Somehow that gave me the motivation to always work harder and I did. I have made something of myself and still working on my better self.

In LA (and everywhere, of course), to think that you are not good enough – it’s NO BUENO (yeah, i know a little spanish. And now imagine cool face emoji with sunglasses)! Especially, in showbiz.

People here – they smell your fear from far far away (yap, even from Shrek universe)! They see, that I’m not sure about myself.

And now that I’m here, I’m learning to realise – that I’m actually a pretty good dancer. However, it’s hard to stay in that state of mind about myself while watching a guy doing a few front flips while I write this article (I can do a split. And only with my right leg).

Let’s take a step back.

I’m reading a book before class, and security guy who was passing by, just started a conversation with me (by the way – book reading is great conversation starter, because these days it’s rare that someone is reading an actual book in public).

This security guy made my day by giving me some pretty kickass advice that I’d love to share with you and hope that it would be some inspiration to you as well.

“To be a DANCER, it is a really hard job. All day long, I see all these different kind of people, struggling to always look good, to always do the right steps and always wear the right clothes, but you know – nothing beats confidence. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear. If you get out there with “I’m the best” state of mind, the doors will open for you. Just fake it till you make it. if you think that you are the best, you will work harder and you will be the best. Best version of yourself. There is no one like you so be the best in you in your mind and crash it”.

What a nice security guy!

I told him the I was going back to class and would take his advice and see where it brings me.

Fast forward.

IT WAS HARD. I guess, you can’t master “I’m the best” kinda attitude in a day. I lost it, and was just giving myself a hard time about not being able to do things – “you dumbass – why can’t you do that?” etc. (Yes,  that’s how I talk to myself). You know, the 30% I put on my “I’m the best” attitude, I noticed it giving me more energy. I don’t know if that was because of the pre-workout drink but I’m pretty convinced it had something to do with the attitude – but I felt HIGH on it!

The lesson I learnt – don’t give yourself that much sh*t about things you can’t do.  Use that energy to trick your mind and if you do it everyday – someday you will be the best.

The best version of yourself.

I guess that’s what they mean with self-love.

So – kids! Always listen to security guards. (Ok, maybe not always, but you get my point)

I hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to put on your “I’m the best” attitude on to reach your goals.

With Love,



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